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This is probably the most asked question and the hardest to answer. It’s impossible to know exactly how long the process will take. Some deals take a week, and some take a year with everything in between. This is a process and a partnership between your company and Online Casino Broker. It’s important to look at it that way so we can work together to get your casino sold to the highest bidder.

We ask you to send us financials from the last 3 years along with our NDA

HERE is a basic template for financials, in case you want to be prepared before contacting us.

Then we assess the value of your casino based on financials and any other factors that may come into place, like your stock and patents.

If you decide to accept our assessment and want to use us, we draft a broker agreement, you sign it, and we go to work to sell your casino.

We email our list (as a blind listing, in other words, until the potential buyer signs an NDA, we do not tell them the identity of the stores or any other specific information.)

We also target the casino to specific people we think might be interested. We keep a list of buyers and types of stores they are targeting.

Once there’s a buyer and you accept the buyer’s offer, we draw up a letter of intent (or LOI) and put the relevant details of the sale in the LOI, sale price, terms (whether it’s a cash deal or there is a down payment and the buyer buys with payments) and any other details of the deal.

After that, one of the parties gets their attorney to draft a sales agreement, the agreement is signed, and an escrow is opened. We use as our primary escrow provider.

After escrow receives the funds and the stores involved in the sale the deal is consummated and the escrow closes. The seller gets his or her funds and the buyer gets the property.

This varies based on the size of the deal. A property selling for 500,000 will have a higher percentage commission than a property selling for 10 million dollars. After doing the assessment we will quote what our commission rate will be.

You should have your financials from the last 3 full years and also the current year. Any other information you can give us could be helpful, as the history of your business. We ask for more information after the signing of the agreement about your company and ask you why someone would buy it.

We broker all types of online casino businesses. However, if the value of your property is below 100,000 dollars, we aren’t in a position to handle it.

Absolutely. In 2021 83.5% of our business was repeat and referral business. If you’d like to refer sellers or buyers to us contact us for more details.

We do find that if you’re transparent about what you’re selling, it helps to push the process along. Keep in mind that all public listings, both on our website and in our newsletters and mail blasts are blind listings, with no name of the company or website mentioned.

However, we also have private listings for companies who want to exert an extra level of caution. In these cases, we only target potential buyers among our circle of influence in the industry. But you don’t benefit from the mail blasts and mentions on our website, which bring us most of our deals.

Absolutely. We can work as a buyer’s broker, where you pay us a percentage of the deal to shop for you and target the specific kind of online casino you’re looking for at the budget you want to spend. But like when we act as a seller’s broker, there is a minimum. In this case, it’s 150,000 dollars per property purchased.


We Are an Online Casino Broker for Sellers and Buyers

With over 20 years in the online space, Bruce F., our CEO and founder, has become a well-known force in the industry in several high-risk industries.

His experience with people in our industry and his ability to efficiently sell online casino businesses are just a few of the reasons Bruce, the Online Casino Broker, is unrivaled.

When it comes to helping online casino owners thrive and expand, he is hands-on and works directly with owners to sell or find an online casino that brings sales and profits. As a broker, he works with business owners like you to get them started on earning profit in today’s digital landscape.

Contact his team today to learn more!

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Bruce and his team are experienced in the online casino brokerage space and enjoy working with their clients to help companies in this world reach their full potential. Whatever type of online casino business you’re looking for, our team of brokers can help you buy or sell your business. Bruce directs his team to work with buyers and sellers on building the thriving companies of tomorrow.

Our team deals with a lot of real-world information to assess each of our listings to maintain our reputation and to always maintain the highest level of customer service to all the people we have the pleasure of working with.

When you’re working with Online Casino Broker, you’re going to get full-service support for your business from an experienced broker who will welcome you into this space and talk about what information you, as an online casino broker, need in order to be successful and buy such a business.

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Contact us today and our team will listen to your business plan and assess your needs.

When it comes to deciding to buy or sell your online casino, Bruce and his team of professional brokers work to help you buy or sell with the confidence you need to get a great deal and maximize profit. Whatever type of casino you have, let us be your trusted company for all of your brokerage needs.

We can’t wait to help you get started on your journey. For more information on how to buy or sell your online casino, contact us directly today. We can’t wait to hear from you and make your company our next success story.

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